About The Platform

The Platform

The Complete Success Platform was launched on the 4th day of April, 2015 in pursuit of Tony Nwokolo’s vision of an online platform (an online community where people from diverse walks of life turn for ideas, information, inspiration, motivation, opportunities and strategies that will enable them attain success in all spheres of their lives.

The Platform was created to help people maximize their potentials, harness opportunities and technologies, develop entrepreneurial skills and master the principles and strategies they must employ to achieve all-round success, be happy and fulfilled in life.

The Vision

Through this platform Tony Nwokolo is leading his team to explore, reveal, inspire and empower people to discover and develop their gifts and potential, pursue and actualize their vision and dreams, master success principles and strategies, and build systems and platforms to serve their gifts and products to more people in the world.

My Story

Few years ago I packaged and presented the success principles and strategies i discovered over the years in my books, magazine and a television (TV) program which I created then. However, I observed that the life transforming content presented through that my books, TV and Magazine medium reached only those within the reach of the signal from the television station where I hosted my TV program then, while my magazine and books reached only those within the location where they are circulated. Hence, I felt i owe the world this life-transforming information and idealogies hence this platform.

Tony Nwokolo

The Motivation

When I lost count of the testimonials i received from those whose lives and career has transformed as a result of applying the principles and strategies I shared in my works, I resolved to build a bigger platform I and my crew can leverage to reach more people and impact the world with our discoveries and message.

Hence, I created this blog platform to reach and impact more lives worldwide irrespective location, culture or belief, to this end The Complete Success Platform (TCSP) was born.

The Mission

At The Complete Success Platform i and my team of thought-leaders go the extra miles to;

Explore and unveil Business News & Opportunities as they break

– Research and Share proven Success Principles & Strategies

– Interview and Share Success Stories & Motivations

– Research and promote thriving & emerging Online Marketing Strategies & Digital Business Models

– Reveal and help our online community to lead a Healthy, Wealthy, Fit, Happy and fulfilled life

-And discuss proven tools, technologies and techniques necessary to 

grow influence and attain time and financial freedom.

Vision: To create a platform where people turn for ideas, information, inspiration, motivation, opportunities and strategies for all-round success.

Mission: To explore, create and unveil quality content that will transform lives and corporate entities, enhance success and impact lives and our communities.

The Company

The Complete Success Platform (TCSP) is a developed and managed by Success Strategies Communications.

We happy to have you on this platform and as you consume and endeavour to apply the life-transforming information unveiled here. See you manifesting success and excellence in all spheres of your life.


Tony Nwokolo