Summary of tech and biz news from all around the globe. Facebook considers Crypto Ads, Uber wins case in London, Elon Musk’s school etc


This is a summary of important tech and biz news from all around the globe. In this week’s edition, crypto ads are coming back to Facebook, Uber wins in London, Elon Musk has a secret school that does does not learn sports and other languages he says they won’t be necessary in the future, and Andreessen Horowitz has a huge crypto fund. Read on.

Inside Elon Musk’s gifted school

Back in 2014 Elon Musk pulled his 5 sons out of a private school and set them up in a corner of the SpaceX headquarters. Four years later, that project has become Ad Astra a school for gifted children and now boasts of over 40 students .

ArsTechnica says the school does not learn sports and other languages because they won’t be necessary in the future. The report says Ad Astra wants to “exceed traditional school metrics on all relevant subject matter through unique project-based learning experiences.”

Facebook reconsiders crypto ads

Earlier in the year, Facebook was the first social media to ban cryptocurrency related ads, then Google and Twitter followed. Now Facebook is reconsidering its stance .

In a Techpoint report, Facebook has reversed the ban. There has been a move to review the policy and the platform would start allowing adverts promoting cryptocurrency and related content from pre-approved advertisers.

Uber wins in London

In September last year, government company responsible for transport in Greater London, Transport for London (TfL) filed that Uber was not fit and proper to hold a licence.

However, on Tuesday Uber received a 15-month probationary licence to resume operations in London. According to The Guardian, the ridesharing company managed to convince a judge in a court of law that it had changed a lot since the last ban.

Andreessen Horowitz is launching $300 million crypto fund

According to Business Insider, the top Silicon Valley venture firm is calling the fund ‘a16z crypto’. It will invest in cryptocurrency companies and protocols.

Former US prosecutor Katie Haun is  hired as first ever general partner at Andreessen Horowitz and will lead the fund.



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