The Key to Financial Freedom – Sam Adeyemi


There is this story I usually like to share about Joseph, a slave and prisoner who was invited to the palace by the Egyptian king to help solve a problem no one was able to solve. Joseph solved the problem and he was made the prime minister of that nation.

Wow! This is a 360 degree turnaround overnight

The number one key to financial freedom is to know your purpose in life.

I want you to know that you were born to solve a problem.  What is your life’s assignment? What problem angers you? What do you love to do? What do you treasure most?

You see, money flows in the direction of creativity. You must identify the values and needs that you feel strongly about. Do you value adventure, love, security, health, integrity, confidence, impacting lives positively?

If you were to get all the money you will ever need to spend today, what would you enjoy doing for the rest of your life? When you identify your purpose and values, list the activities involved that can bring money. Your wealth is hidden in your doing the things you are passionate and excited about.

Also, treat money well. Money is like a lover which when courted and treated well flows towards us in increasing quantities. But when it is not treated well, it has a way of avoiding one.

Dear friend, one of the secrets to financial freedom is to spend less than you earn. If you do not develop this habit, even if your income increases, you may not grow richer, because you would spend all.

Save some of your income. With the help of financial advisors, invest in insurance, shares, properties and other areas of business.

When you treat money this way, it will begin to flow towards you. It would flow so fast you would wonder where it has been all this while.

Thirdly, establish relationships with financial mentors. He who walks with the wise will be wise but the companion of fools will be destroyed. We never rise beyond the quality of those we closely associate with. Our association will determine our promotion.

Be careful whose advice you follow. Get as much advice as possible. But consider more seriously the advice of those who have achieved what you are trying to achieve. Remember, no one is taught how to make money in school. What you learn from your mentors may be the most valuable information you would get on the issue of money.

Furthermore, have a winning idea. This is because creative thoughts rule the world. According to Dr. Robert Schuller; the poor man is not the one who lacks money but the one who lacks ideas. All the great ventures around us began as ideas in people’s minds.

To develop creative ideas, have definite goals with deadlines. Then take time to think. You may get a creative idea or adapt one that is already in existence. Add something extra to it. However, the most powerful ideas come from God When God drops ideas into your mind, He is transferring wealth into your life.

Lastly, start with what you have. Most of people do not take bold steps towards creating wealth because they believe they don’t have what to start with. As long as you focus on what you do not have, you would not start.



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